Exercise Plank and Sit-Ups Can Eradicate Stomach Fat?

Exercise Plank and Sit-Ups
Exercise Plank and Sit-Ups Can Eradicate Stomach Fat?

Planks and sit-ups are two types of exercise that effectively form muscles. However, why have been diligent in sit ups but the stomach is still bloated too. It turned out that was a natural thing. This is because plank and sit-ups are in fact not including the type of exercise that shrinks the stomach well.

Plank and sit-ups tighten the muscles, not burn fat

Plank and sit-ups tighten the muscles

Planks and sit-ups are still often introduced as a sport to shrink the stomach. But in fact, the effect of reducing belly fat from both types of exercise is not too large. Because plank and sit-ups actually include sports specifically aimed at training and increasing muscle mass so that it becomes stronger.

It is this increase in abdominal muscle mass that makes the perception wrong. Who consider that sit-ups or plank alone is enough to eliminate belly fat. Even though what really happened was that your stomach felt as tight as before. Fat tissue is still behind your stomach.

According to research

Research in the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport journal shows. That planking or sit-ups is even routine on 5 days a week for 6 consecutive weeks. It does not reduce subcutaneous fat and visceral fat behind the stomach.

This is because when we do sit-ups or planks, fat metabolism does not only occur in the stomach. But in the whole body. The process of burning fat around the abdomen when we do sit-ups or plank is only a small part. Compared to the overall body fat metabolism process.

Then, does exercise shrink the stomach effectively?

Exercise shrink the stomach

Remember, just focusing on training one specific body part does not necessarily eliminate fat in that section. Exercising with only one repetitive motion such as sit-ups or planks tends to be less effective. Not effective for burning fat and losing weight.

In fact nothing with one type of exercise can effectively burn belly fat. Generally, reducing various body fat tissues will depend on how many calories we burn during exercise. Calorie burning from exercise will also depend on variation, duration, and intensity of physical activity.

In addition, if you want to really shrink the stomach, you also need to balance your exercise routine. With a healthy lifestyle as a whole. Starting from maintaining a nutritious balanced diet, good stress management, diligently drinking water, avoiding cigarettes. Until you get enough sleep every night. The absence of one of these determinants is not impossible to prevent success from reaching a flat and tight stomach.

The conclusion

By diligently planking and sit-ups you can have a tight abdominal muscle, but not necessarily small and flat. If not continue to be accompanied by changes in diet and daily habits.

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