Safe Sports Tips for Scoliosis Patients

Safe Sports for Scoliosis Patients
Safe Sports Tips for Scoliosis Patients

There are several sports tips for scoliosis patients that are guaranteed safe. Many consider that wrong exercise can increase the risk of scoliosis. However, that is not true. Regular exercise can actually strengthen and flex your posture. Even so, you can’t do it carelessly.

Overview of scoliosis


Scoliosis is a “condition in which the spine curves sideways“. This condition can cause you to experience pain in the back and interfere with your activities. Most of these conditions occur from childhood. However, it can also occur as an adult.

Scoliosis in adults can occur due to various causes. For example offspring, uneven pelvic position, spinal or joint surgery, knee or leg distortion, or head injury.

If not treated properly and quickly, scoliosis can harm the body. Scoliosis can cause an asymmetrical shoulder height. And has a pelvis and chest circumference on different left and right sides.

Sports tips for scoliosis patients

Sports for scoliosis

If you are diagnosed with scoliosis, it is important to pay more attention to your body’s health. Especially the spine. Rocky Synder, a trainer and corrective training specialist in Santa Cruz, California, recommends doing some exercise for scoliosis patients. And stretches that can help improve dexterity. Exercise can also improve your spine shape.

However, not all sports can be done by scoliosis patients. Be sure to always consult with your doctor before starting exercise. Likewise if you want to try other types of sports. In addition, if after exercise your body feels sick or has worsening symptoms, immediately consult your doctor.

Here are sports choices for scoliosis patients.



Swimming is one sport that has been recommended for years to help scoliosis patients. Which can help strengthen your spine and help your body’s muscles be more balanced and symmetrical. However, for thoracic scoliosis patients, swimming for hours every day will have a bad impact.



Cycling is a sport that trains the heart and lungs without worsening the condition of scoliosis. However, avoid cycling on the uphill track, because it will put more pressure on the spine.


Football can be very beneficial for young athletes with curvature in the middle of the back. Strengthening the core muscles helps maintain the natural curvature of the thoracic spine.

Strength training

Strength training

Building strength is very important for anyone with a spinal problem. Because strong muscles are better able to support the spine. However, it is important to do it right.

To avoid additional pressure on your spine, don’t add weight too quickly. Because it will further aggravate the condition of your spine. Avoid squatting repeatedly or lift weights above your head because it can cause spinal compression.



Stretching can train your body’s flexibility. This is one of the most important things you can do for scoliosis. Regular stretching can reduce tension and help restore range of motion. This can help ward off curvature of the spine.

However, not all stretching movements are safe for scoliosis patients. When you do yoga for example, do a pose that has been adjusted for example in the spinal movement. Tell the instructor that you have scoliosis so that the poses can be matched to your abilities.


It turns out the benefits of sports are very diverse. Even for those who have certain health problems. So, don’t be discouraged for those who have health problems. You can exercise according to the criteria that are suitable for the disease you are experiencing.

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