How to Choose the Right Skin Care for Combination Skin

Choose the Right Skin Care
How to Choose the Right Skin Care for Combination Skin

Caring for this type of skin must be a challenge for you. Especially in choosing skin care products. Don’t be confused, follow the guidelines below to help you determine the best skin care product for combination skin.

Combination skin is a combination of oily skin and dry skin. The forehead, nose and chin area is oily again after you wash your face. But the area of the cheeks and under the eyes look drier. If this is your complaint, chances are that you have combination skin.

Tips for choosing skin care products for combination skin

Combination skin indicates that certain areas of the skin are drier and other areas are too oily. The area of skin that is usually oily is the nose, forehead, and chin. This area is known as the T-zone. In addition, combination skin sometimes makes pores look large and blackheads.

To treat combination skin, the steps to get the right skin care product include:

1. Choose special skin combination products

Special skin combination products

There are many facial care products that are made specifically for certain skin types. If you have combination skin, you should not just choose. Such as cleansing soap, toner, and skin care products that are formulated for dry skin, normal skin, or oily skin.

Using skin care products that don’t suit your skin type will worsen the skin condition. So that it becomes more sensitive and prone to irritation.

2. Read the contents of the active ingredients

contents of the active ingredients

The skin care products for combination skin that you need are not just cleansing soap. You need to use moisturizer, toner, sunscreen. And also other products so that the moisture and oil balance in the face are maintained. Some of the things you need to pay attention to for your skin care products include:

Face cleanser

For combination skin, you should choose cleaning products that are water based, not oil. Then, select a gentle cleansing texture such as a gel or cream. Water based cleaners are more effective at removing dirt and preventing oil clogging in the pores.


Oil-free sunscreen is safe for people with combination skin when outdoors. This sunblock prevents the formation of zits on the area of oily skin.


The moisturizing active ingredient that is good for combination skin consists of several elements. Like glycerin, niaciamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B, C, and D too. All of these ingredients can keep skin moist, reduce inflammation, and increase new cell production and collagen. Moisturizers must be free of oil to prevent the formation of zits due to oil blockage.


Although astringents are also cleaning agents, toner is considered safer for combination skin. Astringent generally contains alcohol which tends to make the skin dry. If you use this cleanser, it is likely that the dry skin area will become more dry and irritating.

As for toner, you can choose alcohol-free ones. A good toner for water-based skin. And antioxidants from green tea, aloe vera, white jelly mushrooms, strawberries, grapes, sandalwood, and pantenoside.

3. Perform a sensitivity test first

sensitivity test

Even though skin care is formulated for combination skin, you don’t necessarily fit this product. So, every time you try a new product, you should do a sensitivity test first. Buy a small product and use a little on certain areas of the skin.

If within a few hours you feel uncomfortable like itching or redness, you should stop using it. If the product you are using is more than one, then test the product one by one. Don’t use it simultaneously. Using two new products simultaneously makes it difficult for you to assess the effectiveness of the product.

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