Various Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Health

Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Health
Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Health

Not only delicious, this low-calorie papaya fruit has a myriad of minerals and vitamins. No wonder there are many benefits of papaya fruit for our bodies.

Papaya contains a lot of nutrients, even very rich in vitamin C. One papaya contains at least 235 mg of vitamin C. The amount is 2-3 times more than the recommended daily recommendation.

Not only that, papaya also contains other nutrients needed by the body. Like vitamin A, vitamin B1, B3, B5, vitamin E, vitamin K, lycopene, fiber, calcium, potassium, folate, and magnesium. With a myriad of these nutrients, papaya provides so many health benefits.

Variety Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Some people may know papaya as a fruit that can facilitate digestion. But actually there are various benefits of papaya fruit for health and beauty that you need to know:

Healthy eyes.

Papaya fruit contains vitamin A which is good for the eyes. Vitamin A is needed for corneal health and produces enough moisture so that the eyes are always well lubricated.

Healthy hair and nails.

Papaya fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals that help improve hair and nail growth. This fruit can even be used as a hair mask to nourish hair.

Cure sunburned skin.

Papaya fruit contains a substance called lycopene. According to research, consuming lycopene can maintain skin health. The antioxidant activity of this substance plays a role in counteracting cell damage due to free radicals.

Streamlining digestion.

Do you know why famous papaya can facilitate digestion? This is because papaya fruit contains the enzyme papain which makes proteins easier to digest. According to research, eating papaya fruit for 40 days is thought to cure constipation and flatulence.

Heart health.

Papaya contains vitamin C and lycopene is one of the foods that can help reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, antioxidants in papaya can also increase the effect of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

Reducing the risk of cancer.

Papaya fruit contains antioxidant lycopene which can reduce cancer-causing free radicals.


Various nutrients in papaya fruit can make the skin stay healthy and look young. For example the enzyme papain which helps soften and revitalize the skin. As well as vitamins A and C which help reduce wrinkles and fade black spots. Not only that, vitamin C is also useful to help the body produce collagen which can reduce wrinkles.

Improve the immune system.

Vitamins A, C, and E in papaya fruit can help strengthen the immune system. As a result, we also avoid infectious diseases, such as colds and flu.

Good for dengue fever.

Papaya is thought to have a good impact on diseases caused by dengue virus which can reduce platelet counts. Research shows that patients with dengue infection who get papaya leaf extract have increased platelets faster than usual treatment. However, this effect still needs further clinical investigation.

Benefits of Papaya Fruit

If you don’t have allergies to papaya and its ingredients, start eating papaya fruit. To feel the various benefits of papaya mentioned above. By adding papaya to your daily menu, nutritional intake for the body will increase and can avoid several diseases.



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